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Amazon Content Seminar

Understand what makes top content on Amazon

  • Strategy and Analysis

  • SEO and A+ Content

  • Ongoing Optimization

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Content-Analysis*

    concrete recommendations for action
  • 6 Hours Know-how

    live and online

Table of Contents

Amazon Advertising Seminar

Increase profitable advertising & sales

  • SEA Strategies

  • Campaign Structure

  • Ads-Optimization

  • Reporting & Monitoring

  • Ads-Analysis*

    concrete recommendations for action
  • 6 Hours Know-how

    live and online

Table of Contents

Amazon Compact Seminar

All-round understanding for all Amazon disciplines

  • Best Practice Strategies

  • Account Handling

  • Advertising

  • Content
  • Brand Analysis*

    concrete recommendations for action
  • 6 Hours Know-how

    live and online

Table of Contents

* The individual analysis must be booked separately. Regardless, we’ll respond to your individual problems, wishes, and concerns in terms of your focus points.

We let our results speak for themselves:

Together with MOVESELL we conducted a workshop on expert level in its entirety including a top notch postprocessing. The whole Amazon advertising cosmos was communicated in just two days.

Moritz Lüthke

Digital Marketing Manager

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  • Experienced Experts

  • 6 Hours Amazon Knowledge

  • Proven Best Practices

  • Practical Checklists

  • Online and Live with Time for Questions

Table of Contents for Individual Workshops

You can expect the following contents

Amazon Content Seminar

  • SEO-Strategies

  • Ranking Factors

  • Product Optimizations

  • Content Analysis

  • A+ Content

  • Keyword Research

  • Pictures & Videos

  • Keyword Indexation

  • Tool Analysis

With the Analysis we consider:

  • Listings and Display

  • Categorization

  • Retailers, Reviews, and Prices

  • Brand Display

Amazon Advertising Seminar

  • Advertising Formats

  • Advertising Strategy

  • Trends & Seasonality

  • Keywords

  • KPI-Analysis

  • Match Types

  • Budget & Bids

  • Advertising Performance

  • Targeting-Options

With our Analysis we consider:

  • Advertising Structure

  • Relevant KPIs

  • Keyword Performance

  • Cost- and Sales Drivers

Amazon Compact Seminar

  • Keyword Ranking

  • Content Optimization

  • A+ Content

  • Advertising Strategies

  • Advertising Formats

  • Performance KPIs

  • Flat Files 

  • Variantions

  • ASIN & SKU 

With our Analysis we consider:

  • Advertising Console

  • Content-Quality

  • Category & Competition

  • Performance KPIs

Our Expert Team for Amazon Workshops

Questions about our work?

Does MOVESELL have a direct link with Amazon?

Thanks to our expertise and the management of high advertising budgets, we are an exclusive Amazon Ads Agency Partner. On a weekly basis, we exchange valuable insights in a personal 1:1 conversation with Amazon about new features, strategies, and betas.

Is your work certified?

All our consultants and advertising managers are officially certified for amazon advertising and have finished all available trainings.

How do you make your decisions?

We are an official developer for amazon advertising API, which is why we have access to all available data. All campaign types for all European marketplaces can be analyzed efficiently in our dashboard (sponsored brands, sponsored products, sponsored brands video, sponsored display).

Do you consult brands Europe-wide?
We consult worldwide market leaders, D2C brands, medium-sized B2B businesses and start-ups. We can do big or small, local or global. Brands like Calvin Klein, Dunlop, PowerBar, VILSA, Oase, and Osann trust us.
We’re already very experienced. Can you support us with special topics?
There will be a briefing before the workshop, where you can voice your individual needs. We bring many years of experience and expertise, so that we can also provide support for special topics. All workshops are individualized to your needs.
Where does the workshop take place?
Our Brand-Workshop will take place digitally. In this way, we enable you to attend the Amazon Workshop with unlimited participants.
We show our Amazon expertise:

Listen to our podcast for insightful expert knowledge.

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A Sample of our Customers Opinions

Over 200 brands are happy with Amazon Workshops

  • OetkerDigital Logo

    Together with MOVESELL we conducted a workshop on expert level in its entirety.

    Moritz Lüthke

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Dunlop

    The Europe-wide Amazon market analyses from MOVESELL convinced us in terms of accuracy, complexity, and format.

    Torsten Bonacker

    Director E-Commerce Marketing
  • MOVESELL consults us on an extremely high-level regarding strategy and marketing on Amazon. Our sales grow continuously and our brand image on Amazon has improved significantly.

    Damian Kramer

    Managing Director
  • Oase

    We’ve been working successfully with MOVESELL for a while now regarding Amazon analyses, strategy, content, and campaigns.

    Linda Göcke

    Director E-Commerce Marketing
  • With MOVESELL we were able to improve our sales significantly in the past few years. We are very satisfied with their consulting, optimization, and software.

    Patrick Osann

    Managing Director
  • Hammer

    We especially value the extremely professional personal contact and consulting, the insightful expertise, and the short reaction time.

    David Gellert

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Razer

    The exchange with MOVESELL was insightful and provided valuable insights in all topics surrounding Amazon.

    Markus Nüsse

    Online Retail Marketing Manager
  • Adference

    MOVESELL is one of the most experienced partners in the Amazon cosmos when it comes to Amazon Advertising.

    Florian Nottorf

    Managing Director
  • BidX

    The efficient optimization and control of ads on Amazon is essential. We are happy to be working together with MOVESELL to achieve the best possible results.

    Max Hofmann

    Managing Director

Other MOVESELL Services on Amazon

We’re experts in all fields regarding Amazon!

Advertising Agency

Scalable campaigns, automized regulation, and profitable sales

Content & SEO Agency

Amazon content, attractive product detail pages, and high product rankings

Full Service Agency

All-round cooperation for all amazon disciplines and long lasting brand success.

Brand Store Agency

An individual brand store for a unique shopping experience of your brand

A+ Content Agency

Expressive A+ content for individual product descriptions
Flexible Combinations

Our services can be tailored and arranged according to your brands individual needs.

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Seminars, Workshops, and Trainings for Amazon Marketing

Vendor Account Management

Vendors on Amazon have other options available to them than sellers. For vendors everything is controlled from the Vendor Central. The Amazon training provides an overview of all the basics for successfully operating the Vendor Central. This includes content management as well as product management. Over the years, we have been able to build up extensive expertise in vendor consulting, which we teach in this workshop.

Various reports generated by Amazon are available in the Vendor Central and need to be evaluated. In the Amazon seminar, we will provide you with concrete checklists to facilitate the evaluation. This also includes the brand analytics that Amazon makes available to vendors.

Seller Account Management

Amazon offers registered sellers a variety of options for managing their own account via the Seller Central. This includes the management of inventory as well as the maintenance of products or an overview of orders received. In our Amazon seminars on seller account management, we create all the necessary foundations for your brand to be successful on Amazon. This also includes controlling the Amazon FBA model (“Fullfilment by Amazon”).

In addition to product management, Amazon also provides various reports in the Seller Central. In our Amazon seminar, we pass on all the necessary knowledge to evaluate these reports. Based on the reports, you can then make strategic decisions for your brand on Amazon. Seller Central is also used for review management – our experts also provide training in this area.

Vendor Contract Consultation

During our work as an agency for amazon, we have accompanied various vendor negotiations. We pass on our many years of expertise to your brand in a customized seminar. We know realistic targets and negotiation margins from the negotiations of other successful vendors.

The basis for contract consulting is the data on the potential of your brand on Amazon. In the run-up to the Amazon seminar, we analyze your brand completely and in detail. To do this, we work with our specially developed Amazon Marketing Tool ROPT®. This creates a basis for negotiation, which can be used to discuss relevant benefits and fair penalties. Our experts can also assess the target definitions on the part of Amazon with their experience and based on the data.

Advertising Seminar

Amazon’s brand success is also largely influenced by advertising. The advertising console offers various options and formats through which your own products can be advertised. In our Amazon Advertising seminar, we advise you on how to develop the optimal SEA strategy for your brand. In the Amazon advertising training, we also provide instructions for structuring campaigns. We draw on years of experience with advertising accounts and budgets of various sizes.

In addition to strategy advice, the Amazon asvertising seminar also provides an overview of the available advertising formats on Amazon (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display). We’ll discuss how existing campaigns can be optimized retrospectively to improve the ACoS. The optimal use of advertising tools will also be covered.

Content Seminar

Visible products make brand success on Amazon possible. For this, the content that describes your products on Amazon must be SEO-optimized. Through the SEO and content Amazon seminar, you’ll learn how to create compelling content on Amazon and what best practices there are. Our team of experts has already successfully optimized countless products and will share this knowledge with your brand in the seminar.

As is often the case, the basis for successful SEO content is a structured analysis of your own content and the content of your competitors. With the help of our Amazon marketing tool ROPT® we determine the quality of your content on Amazon by means of a product quality score (PQS). This shows you which products are already sufficiently optimized and which products still have potential for optimization.

Strategy Seminar

In this seminar we’ll show you how to chosse the right Amazon strategy for your brand’s success on Amazon. We’ll give an overview of working strategies for other brands, so you can choose the right one for your brand. For the strategy selection, we’ll explain the relevance of a potential analysis and the performance of the competition. Our team of experts draws on many years of experience from various clients.

A roadmap is the basis of your strategy. We’ll help you to develop a strategy in our Amazon seminar. In addition, we advise your brand on the selection of the right marketing tools – our Amazon tool ROPT® determines tools suitable for your business model. We’ll also summarize the different sales models for you.

The workshop team: experts in their discipline

Every MOVESELL Amazon workshop is led by experienced experts in the discipline. Years of know-how and a wealth of experience characterize the training courses for Amazon Marketplace. Our consultants work with a large number of different customers from every industry. Thus we have an answer to almost all questions. The instructors of our Amazon trainings are industry-leading experts and are familiar with all developments.

This applies to the Amazon Content Seminar, the Amazon PPC Seminar and the Compact Seminar. In addition, our team also provides training in the use of Vendor Central and Seller Central. Especially for beginners on Amazon, the environment with its complexity is a challenge. In the Amazon Seller Central Workshop, we guide you through the most important functions. The same applies to the Amazon Vendor Central Workshop.

Let’s Talk about your brands success on Amazon.

We’re always ready for a challenge!


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