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Long-term Marketplace Success and Growing Sales

We help with analysis-driven marketplace strategies, growing sales, and brand success on ABOUT YOU.

Our Services for AboutYou

We’re experienced in the following:


We support brands with their start on AboutYou with our marketplace workshops. This includes a comparison with other important marketplaces.


We analyze and evaluate the data quality and attractiveness of your product pages on the marketplaces and provide optimization tips. The result is more visitors, increasing sales and higher market shares.


We are available to advise on the decision between AboutYou Cloud, third-party tools, or service providers. Choosing the right partner helps run the marketplace business across platforms without spending a lot of time.


We assist with the allocation of products to the various store and portal categories and advise creating the product attributes.

ABOUT YOU Marketplace – Constantly Growing

ABOUT YOU is available in 25 countries worldwide and offers its customers over 400.000 products from more than 2000 brands. Over 26 million customers have installed the AboutYou shopping app on their mobile to shop new trends easily online.

Proven Roadmap for Marketplace Consulting

Our approach as an ABOUT YOU marketplace agency



Free initial consultation with our marketplace experts to determine the individual requirements and goals of your brand.



Through a free quick scan, we record your brand’s potential for the marketplaces.
We also identify the biggest
weak points.


Non-binding offer

Based on the information we gathered,
we will prepare an individual offer for you
by providing concrete all-inclusive prices for optimization, analysis,
or consulting.


Detailed Analysis

We refine our pre-analysis with the help of a special software and the many years of experience of our team.
The result: an objective and detailed potential analysis.


Marketplace Consulting

Together with our marketplace experts, we discuss concrete opportunities,
checklists, and strategies for your brand success.


Long-Term Partnership

We can support you in the long term
with your marketplace activities
– whether you manage SEO,
advertising, and analytics
in-house or with us.

Request Amazon Marketplace Partnership

Free of charge & nonbinding consultation

Individual Offer?

Get a nonbinding and free consult from our experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for a Marketplace Agency

What’s an online marketplace?
An online marketplace is a digital marketplace on the Internet where various manufacturers and brands can sell their products. You can think of an online marketplace as a very large department store on the Internet.
What online marketplaces are there?

The best-known online marketplaces in Germany include Amazon, OTTO, Zalando, AboutYou and eBay. There are also many other marketplaces that focus on specific product categories.

How can I sell my products on an online marketplace?
To sell products on marketplaces, the merchant enters a contract with the online marketplace. Subsequently, the products can be posted with images and product information in self-service directly on the marketplace or through a third-party interface.
Which online marketplace should I choose?

It depends on the products your brand wants to sell on an online marketplace. There are marketplaces with a broad assortment (e.g. Amazon, OTTO) and marketplaces with a focus on specific product categories such as fashion (e.g. Zalando, AboutYou), technology (e.g. MediaMarkt) or sustainable products (e.g. Avocadostore).

What fees are there for selling on an online marketplace?
Selling on an online marketplace usually incurs fees. These vary from marketplace to marketplace and are often dependent on the product category or the number of products.

What’s marketplace consulting?

More and more online retailers are opening their digital marketplaces to new brands and manufacturers. The importance of marketplaces such as the OTTO marketplace, Zalando marketplace, AboutYou marketplace, MediaMarkt marketplace are steadily increasing. Choosing the right marketplace strategy is imperative for long-term success. Marketplace consulting & strategy includes the right positioning of your brand on different marketplaces considering an individual brand strategy. The choice of a marketplace tailored to your company (OTTO, Zalando, AboutYou, Amazon, Media Markt, and many more) is also part of our goal-oriented consulting. With the help of our analyses, we guarantee a comprehensive overview of the current brand presence and competition on the various marketplaces.

Other Marketplace Services

Besides AboutYou, we can do much more!

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Long-term brand success on Amazon through sustainable marketplace strategy

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Everything for more sales and brand success on the marketplace OTTO.

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Let’s talk about your brands success on ABOUT YOU.

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